naturalForms Rebrand

naturalForms© is a data capture solution for iPad and Android devices that leverages natural input.

I was tasked with working with Senior Management and Marketing to rebrand the solution to better represent the overall brand experience.

Client: naturalForms
Services: Graphic Design, Branding, Web Development


Enriching the brand experience

One of the early project objectives was to enhance and build upon the existing brand rather than a completely redesign to maintain the existing brand recognition.

Principle to this was a logo redesign, which guided the overall direction of the rebranding and was used as a rallying force to get sign off on the project from the various client stakeholders.


Melding the old with the new

Maintaining the existing brand recognition was accomplished by retaining the “natural” script, as well as the naturalForms brand colors.

The logo-lockup went through a series of possibilities and directions until settling on the two semi-finalists above.


Picking the champion

The final logo was chosen using a combination of A/B testing and client feedback, ensuring that the final design would have a successful adoption. The final rebrand was then applied across their collateral and web presence to provide a consistent experience for the new brand.

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