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Tasked with web development across their many corporate and product web properties. Creating new landing pages, website layouts, and WordPress plugins and themes. Implementing site optimizations, leads capture, and automation to improve the user experience and development workflow.

Client: Avalara
Website: avalara.com
Services: Web Development, Leads Capture, App development

Migrating onto a cohesive platform

A lead developer on updating several of Avalara’s corporate properties, including their flagship site, to a new more robust  and cohesive WordPress environment. This significantly reducing the level of tech debt, increased page load speeds, and unifying the backend across their many web properties.

This project involved careful migration of hundreds of pages of existing content that was essential for their sales efforts, ensuring that existing page SEO was not harmed in the process.

Engineering Leads Capture

Once the web properties were overhauled to the new cohesive platform, I worked on the lead capture team crafting the custom solutions that fueled their web based leads collections and empowered the sales teams. This involved extensive custom JavaScript based forms collection tools and direct integration with their CRM.